Christensen Genetics is a bovine genetic management firm specializing in improving the profitability of our clients.  The ideal fit for each individual cowherd will be different, but Christensen Genetics is unique in its’ ability to provide specialized genetic management for your cowherd. With genetics tailored to fit specific business models, Christensen Genetics can provide custom-built pregnancies for your entire cowherd each year that are designed to maximize profitability on your ranch.  As it comes time to replace females in your cowherd, Christensen Genetics has access to the highest quality replacements in both the commercial and registered sectors.   

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About the owner

Seth Christensen was eleven years old when he purchased his first two Holstein bull calves from a neighbor’s dairy.  After receiving identical feed and care, when it came time to sell them, there was a large difference in weight between the two calves.  When he asked the neighbor what the difference was, the neighbor told him, “Genetics.”  Thus, a lifelong interest in genetics was born.  By age 15, Seth was a certified AI technician, and by 17 years old, owned a small herd of registered Angus cows.  At age 18, Seth began using embryo transfer, and for the last six years, has used both embryo transfer and artificial insemination to improve the quality of both his herd and the herds of his clients.  Graduating in 2016 with a degree in economics from Utah State University, Seth understands the impact of quality genetics on the bottom line of a business, and strives to tailor fit genetics into each individual cowherd that will best fit their business model and production goals.

Our Breeding Philosophy

Each ranch is unique, and the genetics that will help them to reach their goals are just as varied.  Christensen Genetics provides animals that are tailor-made to fit your exact needs.  We have broken down the focus of our breeding into four lines: calving ease, growth, carcass, and longevity.  We currently offer each of these lines within the Angus breed, and are in the process of introducing other specialized breeds to create an F1 cross within each line for maximum heterosis.

Calving Ease

If you are breeding heifers, then this is the line for you. Our calving ease line is focused around donors and sires that are proven at the very top of the entire Angus breed for the cED (Calving ease direct) EPD. These animals are designed with the goal of 100% live, unassisted births in mind. Eliminating losses of calves and heifers as a result of dystocia is a money maker on any operation. Heifers that have an easier time calving are not only more likely to wean off their first calf, but are more likely to breed back on time for their second calf and be a profitable member of your herd for years to come. If you want the best proven calving ease that the Angus breed has to offer, look for the “Calving Ease” name on your selection of bulls or registered Angus females.


For the producer that pays the bills each year by running their calf crop across a scale and onto a truck, the growth line will provide more pounds and more dollars through to the cattleman. Our growth line is focused around donors and sires that go far into the top 1% of the Angus breed for the WW (weaning weight) EPD. These cattle not only perform with weaning weights near the top of the entire breed, but also add the muscle, depth, and width that we all love to see in a growthy set of calves.  If you want a bigger paycheck when selling your calves by the pound, the entire growth line of cattle at Christensen Genetics was built with you in mind.


The marbling line was created for those whose business model is centered on retaining ownership of calves through the feedlot and selling them as finished beef on a quality grid. The donors and sires in the Christensen Genetics marbling line run with the very best Angus animals in existence today for MARB (Marbling) EPD. The data doesn’t lie: at US Premium Beef, where the plant average is less than 4% prime carcasses, a set of Angus heifers with superior genetics for marbling reached an astounding 72% prime. This resulted in an average premium of $13.42/hundredweight above market. An investment in the marbling line will pay serious dividends for anyone selling finished beef!


What is the definition of “maternal?” Is it perfect udders? Great feet? Exceptional fertility? Good looks? At Christensen Genetics, our answer is “All of the Above - for as long as possible.” A cow that can breed on time, calve unassisted, get the calf nursing on her own, and stay sound for longer will always make you more money than a cow that fails in any of the above criteria at a young age. If, when buying any asset, you were running a depreciation schedule over 15 years rather than 5, your cost per year on the asset lasting 15 years would be 1/3 the cost of an identically priced asset that breaks down in 5 years. it doesn’t take much calculation to know that a longer-lasting asset costs less to own. Our longevity line is focused around donors and sires that have proven themselves to stand the test of time.  Our goal here is a female that will produce calves for longer than her contemporaries. If you want your replacement heifer dollar to go farther, look for bulls and heifers from the longevity line at Christensen Genetics.


There are animals that calve easily, grow quickly, marble well, and will last a long time. While animals within our “Balance” line won’t be as extreme in any one trait as their more specialized counterparts, their performance should be acceptable in any given production scenario.